My Story

My life has always been an adventure in creativity, a constant quest for artistic exploration. I've woven threads of innovation through various mediums - knitting, crocheting, crafting t-shirts, quilting, and pioneering my eco-friendly fashion line. When the world paused due to the pandemic, I unveiled a new chapter: the captivating world of metalsmithing and jewelry design. My journey, though unconventional, was filled with a multitude of classes and hours of practice, all driven by an insatiable passion. Every piece of jewelry I create is a canvas for my ideas, a tangible manifestation of my vision. The process is a symphony of cutting, sawing, filing, shaping, texturing, and soldering, each step resonating with my spirit. This dance of creativity fuels me, breathing life into my artistic soul. And from this fiery crucible emerged Ascend Jewelry, a testament to my unwavering devotion to craft.

 ♥ Veronica / Ascend Jewelry